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The Eifel

An appetite for nature


Camping in the Eifel – that means holidaying in the heart of nature! Here you can enjoy a wide range of vacation activities free from care.

In the area bounded by the cities of Aachen, Cologne, Coblenz and Trier there’s lots to experience. The Eifel has always managed to retain the austere beauty of its landscape – and just that is what gives it a special charm.

Countless volcanoes, ethnic groups and cultures have left their traces over the course of several millenia, and it’s well worth discovering them. Numerous castles and fortresses testify to the presence of the past centuries’ rulers. Picturesque villages and market towns enchant the visitor with their half-timbered houses, radiating a medieval atmosphere. Lakes, dams and crater pools offer lots of water-based attractions, helping to make the region an area for hiking and cycling which is rich in contrasts. Here water-sports lovers and anglers can find a true holiday paradise.

Round about the campsites, a wide range of leisure and cultural experiences is available for the inquisitive. Interesting museums, mustard-seed and grain mills, geo-exhibitions, numerous wildlife, bird and water parks – there’s much to enjoy here.

Seven campsites are distinguished by a special quality rating. They are certified as “Hosts of the Eifel regional brand“, and are dedicated to warm-hearted hospitality and quality-consciousness, as well as responsibly committed to preserving the Eifel’s unique biosphere and precious holiday landscape.

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Campsites in the Eifel

Further tourist information is available on www.eifel.info