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Dream-like, the landscape contours dissolve on the gleaming surface of the water, forming a green reflection of the burgeoning river meadows and wooded hill-crests round about – here you can spend your holiday in communion with nature.

The Lahn is one of the Rhine’s loveliest daughters. Radiating an unburdened love of life, the river is a perfect companion for anyone who wants to get to know the region better. Far removed from the busy bustle of daily routine, there are still places here where you can experience the regenerating influence of Mother Nature.

Here you can find the leisure to enjoy a landscape which has been harmoniously formed over the course of millenia. Delightful towns such as Diez, Nassau, Bad Ems or Lahnstein have a special attraction, as do quieter spots too. Canoeing and yachting will take you to still pools and lakes which create gently rippling waves as you sail across them. The river leads hikers and bikers alike through light-filled woods, shaded valleys and sun-drenched vineyards.

Boat-borne visitors above all can enjoy the rewards of the quietly flowing Lahn. The river is one of the most romantic in all Germany. Starting in the Rothaargebirge near Siegen, its initial course passes through unspoiled nature, past sights of cultural and historical interest, until it flows into the Rhine at Lahnstein.

The scenic Lahn valley cycling trail, totalling 245 km in length, runs mostly parallel to the river. Also charming are the Aar cycling trail between Diez and Hahnstätten and the Loreley-Aar cycling trail from the Rhine to the Lahn.

The Taunus presents quite a contrast. Like the Lahn valley it forms one of the most varied and attractive areas in Germany. You can go walking through meadows and forests, through charming villages and hamlets. Broad fields with scattered trees, avenues, streams and dells give the region its special appearance. The Nassau nature park offers lovers of the outdoor life a range of opportunities to get to know the local flora and fauna along the park’s well-signposted hiking routes such as the high-quality “Lahnwanderweg“, the premium “HöhenLuft“ route, the “Vier-Täler-Tour“ or the “Halfterweg“.

The Lahn and Taunus are a secret tip for those seeking a holiday which combines experience with relaxation. Welcome to the area between the two, the region of gently rippling waves! Here visitors will find their longings stilled, longings which are dormant in every heart.

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Campsites in the Lahn-Taunus- region

Further tourist information is available on www.lahn-taunus.de